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We are urging Governor-elect Evers and leadership in the Wisconsin state legislature to include provisions int he 2019 state budget to restore access to driver’s licenses for all regardless of immigration status, and to end the practice of suspending licenses solely due to inability to pay fines. 

Restoring access to driver licenses for all in Wisconsin will help lift families out of poverty, improve public safety, and keep families together.

Until 2007, Wisconsin immigrant residents could obtain driver licenses. However, following the passage of Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s federal REAL ID Act, the Wisconsin legislature and Governor voted to take licenses away from people who did not have a Social Security Number. 

We have organized the Driver Licenses for All Coalition to support our efforts to include Driver License for All provisions in the state budget. Are you part of a community organization or association? Click here to sign your organization on to the coalition!

Read the one-page fact sheet that summarizes the findings co-released by Kids Forward and Voces de la Frontera:

English: Widen the Road: Allowing All Immigrants Access to Driver Licenses Is a Win for Wisconsin

Español: Comparten las Calles: Ampliando el Acceso a las Licencias de Conducir Sería una Ganancia para Wisconsin

The new administration needs to hear the voices of the community. We are providing a toolkit with materials to help our community organize.


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Wisconsin Driver License Fact Sheet

Individual Pledge Card

Petition Template

Template Letters for Community Leaders

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