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Florida Identification Card with Developmental Disability Designation

Kansas Fake We Premium - Buy Make Scannable Ids Did you know that you can choose to have a developmentally disabled designation on Florida’s new ID Card?

Persons or a parent/guardian of a child or ward who has a developmental disability will have the option of registering with the Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles to issue a drivers license or an identification card exhibiting a special designation, exhibiting a capital “D” identifying the individual with a developmental disability. A fee of $1.00 will be charged. Persons or parent/guardians with a child with a developmental disability will need to provide proof of documentation of a developmental disability, in the form of a diagnosis by a licensed physician as defined in s.393.063. The second part of the act deals with interviews of individuals with ASD by law enforcement, school police, and public safety personnel. The act reads as follows:

Law enforcement officers, correctional officer, or another public safety official will make a good faith effort, upon the request of the parent, guardian, or the individual, to ensure that specified professionals (psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health counselor, special education instructor, clinical social worker, or related professional) are present at all interviews of an individual diagnosed with autism or autism spectrum disorder or a related developmental disability. The parent, guardian or individual bears the expense for hiring the professional. The professional must have experience in treating, teaching, or assisting patients or clients.

Law enforcement agencies are required to develop procedures, as well provide training to staff prior to the October 1, 2016 implementation date of the act. CARD will be working with these agencies to provide training, support and to promote fair interviewing practices. Please take a few minutes to read and familiarize yourself with this new law.

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Here is information on the new cards:

Application for Identification Card with Developmental Disability Designation

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